Toward standardizing gamma camera quality control procedures

M. Alnaaimia 11-05-2015


Attaining high standards of efficiency   and reliability in the practice of nuclear medicine requires 

Appropriate quality control (QC) programs.

For instance, the regular evaluation and comparison of extrinsic

And intrinsic flood-field uniformity enables the quick correction of many gamma camera problems.

Whereas QC tests for uniformity are usually performed by exposing the gamma camera

Crystal to a uniform flux of gamma radiation from a source of known activity,

Such protocol scan vary significantly.

Thus, there is a need for optimization and standardization, in part to allow direct comparison between gamma cameras from different vendors. In the present study, intrinsic uniformity was examined as a function of source distance, source activity, source volume and number of counts.

 The extrinsic uniformity and spatial resolution were also examined. Proper standard QC procedures need to be implemented   

Because of the continual development of nuclear medicine imaging technology and the rapid

Expansion and increasing complexity of hybrid imaging system data. The present work seeks to promote a set of standard testing procedures to contribute to the delivery of safe and effective nuclear medicine services.


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