Kuwait Association of Medical Physics

Kuwait Association of Medical Physics (KAMP) was established on 2015, it is part of International Organization for medical Physics (IOMP) effort to organize societies under its umbrella to further engance and improve the status of medical physics in all region across the Globe.

Council Of Executive Officers 2017
President - Dr.Meshari Alnuemi
Vice-President - Dr.Hanan Aldousari
Secretary-General - Dr. Sheaka Alobaidli
Tresurer - Talal Salaheldin Mohammedzein

Our Mission

The mission of the Kuwait Association of Medical Physices (KAMP) is to advance medical physics practice throughout Kuwait by disseminating scientific and technical information, fostering the educational and professional development of medical physics service for patients.

Our Goals

The goals of the Kuwait Association of Medical Physcis (KAMP) are to :

  • Promote the highest quality medical physics services in the region.
  • Desseminate scientific and technical information in the descipline. Fostering the education and professional development of medical physicists.
  • Promote the co-operation and communication between medical physics societies in the region.
  • Encourage exchange of expertise and information amoung societies and organize regional conference and symposiums.
  • Govern and manage the Federation in an effective, efficient, and fiscally responsible manner.

Board of Directors


Dr. Meshari Al-Nuaimi

President of KAMP


Dr.Hanan Awadh Al-Dousri

Vice-President of KAMP


Dr. Sheaka Alobaidli

Secretary General



Tresurer of KAMP

Dr. Meshari Al-Nuaimi is the president of Kuwait Association of Medical Physics (KAMP) and The Head Of Radiation physics department and Nuclear Medicine Physics Unit in Kuwait Cancer Control Centre. He studied Nuclear medicine science at Kuwait University and received Master degree and PhD in medical physics and biomedical engineering form University College London (UCL).

After his PhD, he managed to introduce the medical physicist as a key member in nuclear medicine team and succeeded to establish the first dedicated medical physics services to nuclear medicine in Kuwait.

His main research interests include radiation dosimetry, optimization of quality assurance programs, radiation protection, assessment of novel detection technologies and improving image analysis.

Dr Meshari is a member of the scientific teaching staff of the Kuwait Board of Nuclear Medicine (KIMS). He also participated with the international atomic energy agency (IAEA) as a national counter part for many projects on radiation protection, cyclotron facilities and dosemetric studies.

Dr. Meshari has published many scientific papers and reviews in the areas of medical physics and radiation protection and his publications were chosen as a featured article in the international journal of physics in medicine and biology, which is the leading UK journal in this field.

Dr. Hanan Awadh Al-Dousri , PhD in medical physics from University of Surrey, U.K. Dr Hanan is the Head of medical physics unit and radiation safety officer at Jabeer Alahmad Centre for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging. She is Vice President of Kuwait association of Medical Physics. She is Chairman of Awards & Honors in middle east federation of medical physics (MEFOMP).

Head of Radiotherapy Physics in Kuwait Cancer Control Center. PhD in medical physics from University of Surrey, UK. Research interests include, optimization of radiotherapy treatment planning, dose painting and quantitative imaging, patient specific QA for advanced treatment techniques.

Dr. Talal Salaheldin Mohammedzein is the Medical Physicist at the Nuclear Medicine Department of Kuwait Cancer Control Centre (KCCC). He studied Medical Physics from Al-Neelain University, Sudan and received a higher diploma on Radiation protection & safety of radiation sources from Damascus University, Syrian Arab Republic and Master’s degree in Medical Science from Sudan Academy of Science.

Dr. Talal served as a lecturer at Al-zaiem Al-Azhari University, Red Sea University, Sudan Atomic Energy Commission and the Nuclear medicine week. He received a prestigious award at the eleventh Arab Conference on Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy held at Sudan for his excellence in the field. He took part in the Workshop on the Formulation and Implementation of National Policy and Strategy for the Management of RadWastes and DSRS at Manila, Philippines. He was a member for the Regional Meeting on the Establishment and Utilization of Diagnostic Reference Levels held at Kampala, Uganda. He also took part in the International conference on radiation medicine - clinical applications and innovative approaches workshop, held at King Feisal specialist hospital & research centre – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


Mohamed Omer

Chairman of Scientific Committee


Mr. Fisal Alshanawey

Chairman of Media Committee

Dr.Mohamed Omer Mohamed Ahmed is the Medical Physicist at the Nuclear Medicine Department of Kuwait Cancer Control Centre (KCCC). He studied General Physics from Al-Neelain University and received Master’s degree in Medical radiation physics from Sudan University of Science and Technology.

Dr. Mohamed was a part-timer lecturer at Al-Neelain University and National Rebat University. He has published many scientific papers and reviews in radiation protection. His main research interests are in the medical physics field. With professional excellence and years of experience in the wide spectrum of areas such as Radiology equipment, quality assurance and quality control, Radioactive waste management, Radiation dosimetry for diagnostic and therapeutic radionuclides in nuclear medicine, Radiotherapy equipment specifications, acceptance test, commissioning, quality assurance, and quality control, Quality assurance & Commissioning of 2&3D TPS has helped him to reach greater heights.

Faisal Abdul rahim shenawy , Bachelor Degree Of Science , Biophysics Section Al-Azhar University,Cairo, Egypt. He is Medical Imaging physicist of Kuwait association of Medical Physics. Email :faisal.abdulrahim@outlook.com, Mobile : 51555054.