Radiation Therapy Physics

Treatment planning, Dosimetry, Quality assurance and commissioning of new equipment.

Nuclear Medicine Physics

Acceptance Testing and specification of new equipment, Regular QC, Radiation Protection and docimetry calculation.

Diagnostic Radiology Physics

Acceptance testing and quality assurance of equipments and ensuring optimum image quality while ensuring that the dose to patient is minimum.

Radiation Protection

Promotion radiation safety awareness. Radiation protection of patients workers and the public. Radioactive waste managements. Contamination/incidents control.

Teaching, Research & Development

Organize Radiation safety refresher course and basic physics lecture. Partucupate in Education Activities. Initiate and Participate in Research.

Who We Are

Kuwait Assocaition of Medical Physics (KAMP) was established on 2015, it is part of International Organization for Medical Physics (IOMP) effort to organize societies under its umbrella to further engance and inprove the status of medical physics in all regions across the Globe.

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